Catalyst understands the importance of formulating a holistic understanding of technology to create a system that enhances collaboration with prospects, client, and other shareholders to accelerate new sales opportunities and revenue. Our clients have benefited from Catalyst deep quantitative understanding of the many technology platforms required to support integrated marketing and cross-media programs.

Catalyst’s passion is to provide our clients an active technology roadmap using many specific online applications to formulate an ecosystem that supports your ability to nurture, network and grow personal relationships. Catalyst also provides a proven sales business development methodology that leverages your technology investment to enhance people’s productivity to drive sales. Our ability to bridge technology, people and processes is our foundation to deliver real value for our customers that drives increased brand awareness and sales.

Many CMOs reveal that they see four challenges as pervasive, universal game changers: the data explosion, social media, proliferation of channels and devices and shifting consumer demographics. Catalyst knows it is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of a client’s current technology infrastructure and create the necessary data hygiene to optimize, integrate and leverage the appropriate innovative technology that can accelerate sales revenue.